China OEM Side Double Drive Tube Mill Reducer DBS250 with Hot selling

Item Description

Facet double travel tube mill gearbox is created on the issue of cement mill, coal mill, and is broadly used in creating materials, mining and electrical power industries, is a new sort of driving gear mill.
The mechanical structure is divided into 3 parts: 1 the principal reducer 2 mill human body of big gear ring and cover 3 slow auxiliary push components.
This merchandise adopts double power distribution technological innovation, the use of herringbone equipment shaft axial float, make the transmission load evenly dispersed to 2 synchronous push equipment of ?mill physique of massive equipment ring.? Two generate pinions with automatic self-aligning structure, ensure the pinion and the joint among the massive equipment ring gear tooth area, produced underneath the very same load situations, recognized the reduced gear speak to anxiety?. Also solved the displacement might take place throughout mill procedure and the unfavorable outcomes of foundation settlement.
The gearbox adopts 3-amount transmission, with 2 levels of transmission at the centre of the mill reducer in comparison with bigger ratio, therefore can use high velocity motor, and so motor areas of investment decision has been saved.


  Mn d1
JDBS 250
22 a hundred and eighty 240 900 600 550 1710 1200 1397 2617 1415 2250 1115


Specification: 250

Transmission electrical power (kW): 2500

Input velocity (rpm): 990

Reference mill: Φ3.8m x 13m

Mill speed (rpm):16.three

Equipment ring tooth width (mm): 550

Module of the mill gear ring (mm): 22

Bodyweight (ton): fifty five

A rack is a part of a cylindrical disk with an infinite radius, the floor of which is cut with involute teeth. The racks are exclusively mated to spur gears with the exact same module, stress angle, and favored encounter width. EP offers racks in a assortment of components, configurations, modules, and lengths. A special characteristic of our racks is that most of them come with completed goods. This variety of manufacturing permits numerous racks to be linked finish to stop to produce a continuous size of racks. Numerous of our choices enable for secondary operations these kinds of as shortening lengths, incorporating threaded holes, or applying warmth treatment method. Our merchandise also consist of merchandise that have finished some of these secondary functions.
The tooth surface area hardness, it is divided into soft tooth surface equipment transmission and difficult tooth surface area gear transmission. When the tooth surface area hardness of the two wheels (or one of them) is considerably less than or equivalent to 350HBW, it is referred to as delicate tooth surface transmission when the tooth area hardness of the two wheels is >350HBW, it is called hard tooth floor transmission. Gentle-tooth area gear transmission is usually used for general reduced-speed equipment transmission that does not require higher precision, and hard-toothed area gear transmission is frequently utilized for gear transmission that needs robust bearing capability and compact construction.

China OEM Side Double Drive Tube Mill Reducer DBS250     with Hot selling