China Hot selling Drilling Rig Triplex Mud Pump Crankshaft for Drilling Rig F500 F800 F1600 with Great quality

Solution Description

 Mud Pump Crankshaft


1)equal to API Standdard 
2)cast by total module 
Drilling Mud pump component: Crankshaft, Oilfield Tools
Crankshaft is spare component of mud pump
Crankshaft is an eccentric shaft produced from casting alloy metal.Herringbone equipment ring ,
relationship rod and bearing are mounted on it .The gear ring is herringbone.When assembly, the herringbone gear ring and the crankshaft are of interference fit and mounted with bolts and nuts.
Massive finish of relationship rod is mounted on 3 eccentric straps of the crankshaft by way of single row cylindrical roller bearing. Small finish is mounted on crosshead pin by way of double row extended cylindrical roller bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearings are mounted at either conclude of the crankshaft.

Main bearing include


Primary bearing sleeve (correct)


Internal end collar


Massive ring gear


Main bearing sleeve (remaining)


Principal bearing bolt


Primary bearing


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EP’s racks transform rotational motion to linear movement when employed with spur gears. It is made to work with our stock 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. It can be modified for distinct apps, this kind of as drilling and tapping mounting holes, chopping to particular lengths, or matching the finishes of two-piece racks to generate constant lengths for a longer time than stock.
Gears are employed in a big number of mechanical products. Most importantly, they supply gear reduction for motorized gear. This is key since frequently modest motors that spin very fast can provide adequate electrical power to the device, but not adequate torque, the pressure that leads to an item to spin or twist on an axis. For example, an electric powered screwdriver has a very huge equipment reduction (reduces the speed of a rotating device (like an electrical motor)) due to the fact it demands a whole lot of torque to flip the screw. But the motor generates only a small volume of torque at high speeds. With gear reduction, the output pace can be lowered while escalating the torque.

China Hot selling Drilling Rig Triplex Mud Pump Crankshaft for Drilling Rig F500 F800 F1600     with Great quality