China high quality Advanced Technology Two Colour Cookie Forming Machine with high quality

Merchandise Description

Two shade wire reduce cookie device  ck-2c1000

This equipment is mostly employed for the forming of large-excess fat cookies and cakes

one. Forming strategy: wire chopping
two. The fastest working moments: reducing 60 instances/min
3. Biscuit fat deviation: extruded biscuit ±4% (weigh each and every 5 biscuits)
4. Generation velocity: Decided according to the CZPT duration and baking time of the production line
5. Strength needs: Decided according to client demands (generally 380V/50Hz) Total electricity: about 10KW
six. Dimensions and excess weight:
seven. The feeding trough roller, feeding pump, and chopping are driven by servo motors, which are controlled by independent motors.
eight. Parameters this sort of as groove roll speed, materials pump extrusion velocity, reducing velocity, etc. are managed by touch display screen
9. The materials pump assembly is mounted by the worm equipment clamping method. Only by CZPT the hand wheel, the content pump assembly can be clamped or loosened swiftly, which is hassle-free for disassembly, cleaning and alternative
10. The slicing die assembly is clamped by an eccentric wheel, which can be quickly clamped or loosened for effortless set up or removal for cleaning
11. The chopping mould screws are locked and can be changed
twelve. Equipped with a mould trolley to help in replacing the content pump assembly and slicing mildew assembly, which is convenient for unloading the substance pump and cleansing the mould
13. The pump enamel undertake herringbone teeth, and the feeding volume is much more exact
14. The top of the strip release nozzle can be altered conveniently and rapidly by means of the hand wheel
15. The machine straddles the steel belt, and the cake falls straight on the steel belt
sixteen. The surface of the principal structural elements are plated with tough chrome, which is not easy to rust
seventeen. The aspect board is created of Q235 carbon steel, the thickness after processing is 20mm, and the floor is plated with tough chromium.
18. 7050 aluminum alloy content is employed for the facet plate and connecting plate of the machine head, and the floor is treated with Teflon
19. The pump teeth are produced of imported meals grade nylon material the pump physique substance is created of aluminum alloy, and the surface area is taken care of with Teflon
twenty. The stream channel of the extrusion die is produced of 7050 aluminum alloy materials, and the surface is dealt with with Teflon the extrusion die is created of SUS304 stainless metal
21. Feeding trough roll straight through: Ø120, Ø147, the material is manufactured of SUS304 stainless steel
22. Use SUS304 stainless metal for enclosure, pallet and hopper
23. This device employs 5 sets of servos, the servo motor makes use of Schneider, and the reducer utilizes ZheJiang manufacturer precision planetary helical gear reducer
24. Management appliances mostly use well-identified brands: Schneider/Siemens/AB
twenty five. NSK brand for bearings THK brand for guides
26. Undertake foodstuff grade silicone sealing ring

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China high quality Advanced Technology Two Colour Cookie Forming Machine     with high quality