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Solution Description

API-C pumping units belong to the extremely commonly utilized beam equipment which are in crank stability mode. It is 1 type of ground energy gear that is most generally observed in the rod oil extraction of oil subject with the broadest application scope. The merchandise complies with API Spec. 11E Specification of Pumping device and other appropriate standards. The use license of API brand is accessible.


The merchandise is developed with modular and digital manufacturing technology, making the product structural type optimized and the components highly common, general and systematic.

The critical components have been made with finite factor analysis and research with secure overall performance and high dependability.

The reducer rotates with 2-degree reduction herringbone gear with excellent sealing, reduced sounds, stable operation, being trustworthy and tough.The complete equipment is simple in procedure, hassle-free in maintenance and extended in support lifestyle.


A rack is a portion of a cylindrical disk with an infinite radius, the surface of which is lower with involute tooth. The racks are exclusively mated to spur gears with the very same module, strain angle, and desired experience width. EP offers racks in a range of resources, configurations, modules, and lengths. A unique feature of our racks is that most of them occur with completed products. This type of production permits multiple racks to be linked conclude to end to make a steady duration of racks. Many of our choices let for secondary functions these kinds of as shortening lengths, adding threaded holes, or implementing warmth therapy. Our goods also include items that have accomplished some of these secondary operations.
The tooth surface area hardness, it is divided into comfortable tooth surface equipment transmission and challenging tooth surface area equipment transmission. When the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels (or a single of them) is much less than or equal to 350HBW, it is referred to as soft tooth floor transmission when the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels is >350HBW, it is referred to as difficult tooth surface area transmission. Delicate-tooth floor gear transmission is usually utilized for general lower-pace equipment transmission that does not demand substantial precision, and challenging-toothed surface gear transmission is typically utilized for equipment transmission that calls for strong bearing potential and compact structure.

China supplier Pumping Unit with Best Quality and Price     with Best Sales