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Solution Description

Die Slicing Plate and Completed Sample.


The die chopping and creasing machine is an tools especially made for die slicing the regular cardboard, corrugated board, plastic and CZPT items. It is broadly utilised in the printing, packing decorating and plastic industries. The machine has attributes these kinds of as compact structure, wonderful workmanship, big force, higher precision and straightforward and dependable procedure etc.


one. High strength owing to 1 piece casting by employing top high quality resources for the equipment physique.
two. Smooth operating, big pressure and minimal noise are obviously remarked as herringbone equipment enter and helical equipment output system is adopted.
3. Single plate electromagnetic clutch is delicate and trustworthy.
four. Operational altitude is reasonably organized, moveable platen opens to its ideal.
5. The electrical technique is created with IEC standard.
six. With functions as solitary, continuous operation and opening properly, and the dwell time is adjustable.
7. The properly technique is reliable.
eight. With concentrated lubricating system.

Major Requirements.

ModeI Interior CZPT size Velocity Max.pule size Motor Power Bodyweight All round Proportions
ML-750 750x520mm 25±2(sprokes/min) <14m two.2kw 1800kg 1360x1400x1300mm
ML-930 930x670mm 23±2(sprokes/min) <25m 4kw 3000kg 1680x1680x1640mm
ML-1040 1040x720mm 23±2(sprokes/min) <30m 4kw 4000kg 1850x1780x1700mm
ML-1100 1100x800mm 20±2(sprokes/min) <26.5m 4kw 4500kg 1900x1780x1700mm
ML-1200 1200X820mm 20±2(sprokes/min) <26.5m 4kw 4500kg 1900x1900x1750mm
ML-1300 1300x920mm 18±2(sprokes/min) <38m five.5kw 5600kg 1920x2140x1800mm
ML-1400 1400x1000mm 17±2(sprokes/min) <38m 5.5kw 6200kg 2571x2400x1930mm
ML-1500 1500x1050mm 17±2(sprokes/min) <40m 7.5kw 6800kg 25710x2480x1960mm
ML-1600 1600x1250mm 13±2sprokes/min <50m 11kw 11000kg 2500×2200×2000mm
ML-1800 1800×1250mm 13±2sprokes/min <60m eleven.5kw 13500kg 2510×2300×2000m
ML2000 2000×1400mm 13±2strokes/min <60m 15kw 16000kg 2270×3100×2150mm
ML2500 2500×1500mm 13±2strokes/min <75m 18.5kw 20000kg 2300×3600×2150mm

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Factory Creation.

EP implements stringent high quality manage all through the production cycle. Extensive engineering knowledge allows us to offer extra design reviews and/or value engineering services to accomplish producing efficiency goals. An on-internet site course 10000 cleanroom is employed for tests, assembly, and packaging. EP and buyer approved casting, warmth managing, plating, and portray services. We can device a assortment of materials which includes aluminum, brass, bronze, steel alloys, stainless metal, and titanium.
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China Standard Corrugated Paper Die Cutter Machine Ml-930     near me shop