China Professional Mud Pump for Oilfield Drilling, F and 3nb Series with Free Design Custom

Product Description

Design and style features:
The electricity finish of mud pump: The housing is welded metal-plate development. It is tension-relieved right after welding. The generate gears ate in volute kind gears which enable easy operation, high efficiency and long lifestyle. The crankshaft is a hollow one particular-piece steel casting. The energy stop is splash-Lubricate.
The fluid finish of mud pump: The suction and the discharge flanges conform to ASA and API specification.
The piston rod of mud pump is related with an intermediate rod by indicates of clamps to recognize swift assembly & disassembly.
The valve seat bores of mud pump have a base shoulders. The pistons and loners are lubricated and cooled by an independently spraying pump to have a for a longer time services life.
The frame is of welded-steel pale design, with attributes of higher strength, very good rigidity and light fat because of to inner anxiety removing treatment method after getting welded.
Integral herringbone gear generate of mud pump is adopted for easy managing, high performance and extended working existence. The crank shaft is alloy metal castings.
Double-deck sealing is adopted in intermediate pull rod with audio sealing influence.
The energy end of mud pump adopts the lubricating strategy of forced lubrication mixed with splash lubrication.
Fluid conclude:
The hydraulic cylinder materials is alloy steel forging. Straightway hydraulic cylinder has good suction functionality.
Suction valve and discharge valve on F series pump are interchangeable.
Pump F-500 utilizes API 5&num valve&semi Pump F-800 and F-a thousand use API 6&num valve&semi Pump F-1600 utilizes API 7&num valve.

Product F-500 F-800 F-one thousand F-1300 F-1600
Power  kw&lparps) 373&lpar500) 597&lpar800) 746&lpar1000) 969&lpar1300) 1193&lpar1600)
Strokes for each minutes  pm 165 150 a hundred and forty a hundred and twenty one hundred twenty
Stroke  mm a hundred ninety.5&lpar7.5″) 229 &lpar9″) 254 &lpar10″) 305 &lpar12″) 305 &lpar12″)
Equipment ratio four.286:one 4.185:one 4.207:one 4.206:one 4.206:1
Max. doing work pressure   Mpa 34.five 34.5 34.five 34.five 34.5
Max. Dia. of liner  mm a hundred and seventy a hundred and seventy 170 a hundred and eighty 180
Dia. Of suction pipe  mm 203 254 305 305 305
Dia. Of discharge pipe in four 5-1&sol8 five-1&sol8 5 5
Weight  kg 9543 14000 18642 24572 24791


Model 3NB500C 3NB1000C 3NB1300C 3NB1600&solLN1600H
Power KW&lparPS) 368&lpar500) 735&lpar1000) 956&lpar1300) 956&lpar1300)
Strokes for each minute pm ninety five 110 a hundred and twenty 120
Stroke mm 254 305 305 305
Gear ratio 3.82 three.833 3.eighty one 3.eighty one 3.89
Pace of driving shaft r&solmin 363 423 457 457 467
Max. doing work strain Mpa 30 35 35 35 fifty one.7
Max. dia. Of liner mm a hundred and sixty 170 a hundred and eighty 190
Dia. Of suction pipe mm 254 305 305 305
Dia. Of discharge pipe mm 100 a hundred a hundred 100
General dim. mm&lparL&astW&astH) 4220×2640×2430 5170×2809×2530 5571×1942×1918 4450×2850×2077 5000×2850×2090
Fat kg 15940 21450 23000 29700 28345

EP’s racks change rotational motion to linear movement when utilised with spur gears. It is created to operate with our stock 14 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. It can be modified for certain applications, this kind of as drilling and tapping mounting holes, reducing to certain lengths, or matching the ends of two-piece racks to generate constant lengths more time than stock.
Gears are used in a big quantity of mechanical devices. Most importantly, they offer equipment reduction for motorized tools. This is important since often small motors that spin very rapidly can supply sufficient power to the gadget, but not ample torque, the power that leads to an item to spin or twist on an axis. For example, an electric powered screwdriver has a quite huge equipment reduction (reduces the pace of a rotating device (like an electric motor)) since it calls for a whole lot of torque to flip the screw. But the motor generates only a modest amount of torque at high speeds. With equipment reduction, the output speed can be reduced although increasing the torque.

China Professional Mud Pump for Oilfield Drilling, F and 3nb Series     with Free Design Custom