China manufacturer Oil Slurry Pump for Oil and Gas Drilling Rig with Great quality

Solution Description

Design function:
Energy End
The frame is of welded-steel plate construction,with qualities of higher toughness,very good rigidity and light-weight bodyweight owing to internal pressure removing treatment method following becoming welded.
Integral herringbone gear generate is adopted for smooth running,higher effectiveness and prolonged running lifestyle.The crank shaft is alloy metal casting.
Dou-deck sealing is adopted is adopted in intermediate pull rod with audio sealing impact.
The energy and adopts the lubricating strategy of pressured lubrication mixed with splash lubrication.
Fluid end:
The hydraulic cylinder substance is alloy metal forging.Straightway hydraulic cylinder has very good suction overall performance.
Suction valve and discharge valve on F collection pump are interchangeable
Pump F-five hundred uses API 5#valvepumpF-800 and F-1000 use API6#valvepump F-1600 utilizes API7#valve.  


Gears are used in a large number of mechanical devices. Most importantly, they offer equipment reduction for motorized equipment. This is crucial because frequently modest motors that spin very fast can supply sufficient electrical power to the gadget, but not enough torque, the power that causes an object to spin or twist on an axis. For case in point, an electric screwdriver has a quite massive equipment reduction (reduces the pace of a rotating machine (like an electric motor)) since it demands a whole lot of torque to switch the screw. But the motor generates only a modest quantity of torque at higher speeds. With equipment reduction, the output pace can be diminished although increasing the torque.
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China manufacturer Oil Slurry Pump for Oil and Gas Drilling Rig     with Great quality