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crankshaft/ oil drilling areas/equipment parts 


1)equivalent to API Standdard 
2)cast by entire module 
Drilling Mud pump part: Crankshaft, Oilfield Gear
Crankshaft is spare element of mud pump
Crankshaft is an eccentric shaft manufactured from casting alloy steel.Herringbone equipment ring ,
link rod and bearing are mounted on it .The equipment ring is herringbone.When assembly, the herringbone equipment ring and the crankshaft are of interference fit and fastened with bolts and nuts.
Big stop of relationship rod is mounted on 3 eccentric straps of the crankshaft by way of one row cylindrical roller bearing. Little end is mounted on crosshead pin through double row long cylindrical roller bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearings are mounted at both stop of the crankshaft.


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China Hot selling Mud Pump Crankshaft Assembly     near me supplier