China high quality Leak-Tightness Oil Lubrication Type Stern Shaft Seal with Hot selling

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Leak-Tightness Oil Lubrication Type Stern Shaft Seal

Leak-Tightness Oil Lubrication Variety Stern Shaft Seal:
Ship shaft technique is an important element of ship power plant, its process is to transfer the power of the ship’s host device to the propeller, at the same time will be created by the propeller thrust to the hull to push sailing ship, ship shafting by thrust shaft, intermediate shaft, the stern shaft, propeller shaft, the shaft coupling, thrust bearing, intermediate bearing, the stern tube bearing and other add-ons, and so forth, and some even with a reduction equipment box.The process of shafting installation primarily contains: figuring out the theoretical center line of shaftingBoring the herringbone hole according to the center line of shafting theory, the hub gap of the stern shaft and the stuffing box hole of the bulkheadInstall stern tube, stern shaft, sealing device and screw screwThe alignment and link of the intermediate shaft, the fastening of the intermediate bearing on the base, and so on., for that reason,the
set up inspection of the shafting is mostly executed about the over function.

Leak-Tightness Oil Lubrication Type Stern Shaft Seal Characteristics:
Diameter assortment of stern shaft:Ø50-Ø1150mm 
Outer diameter of stern shaft put on-resisting bush:Ø70-Ø1250mm
Lubricating oil working stress: 1-2bar 
Lubricating oil functioning temperature: -25ºC-+110ºC 
Stern shaft wear-resisting bush liner velocity:≤7m/sec 
Regular leakage: 5-30ml/h 


Gears are utilized in a massive variety of mechanical devices. Most importantly, they supply equipment reduction for motorized equipment. This is crucial simply because usually modest motors that spin really quick can provide ample electrical power to the device, but not adequate torque, the drive that leads to an object to spin or twist on an axis. For case in point, an electrical screwdriver has a extremely massive gear reduction (lowers the pace of a rotating machine (like an electric powered motor)) due to the fact it requires a great deal of torque to turn the screw. But the motor generates only a little sum of torque at substantial speeds. With equipment reduction, the output pace can be decreased whilst escalating the torque.
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China high quality Leak-Tightness Oil Lubrication Type Stern Shaft Seal     with Hot selling