China high quality Gardner Denver Tge/Tee Triplex Well Service Pump Lee-165/Tee-165/Tee165 with Great quality

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Warranty:1 Yr
Following-income Services Provided:Discipline maintenance and restore support, Discipline installation, commissioning and coaching, Video complex assistance, On-line help
Relevant Industries:Strength & Mining
Regional Service Location:None
Showroom Place:None
Sort:Triplex one motion, triplex cylinder single performing piston variety
Model: Pah-275
Max liner dia. x stroke mm:170×191, 170×229, 170×254, 180×305, 180×305
Rated stroke r/min:a hundred sixty five, a hundred and fifty, a hundred and forty, one hundred twenty
Rated energy hp:500, 800, a thousand, 1300, 1600
Lubrication:Force + splash
Inlet flange:8”, 10”, 12”
Outlet flange:4”, 5”
Valve:API#5, API#6, API#seven
Source Potential
Offer Ability:one thousand Established/Sets per Yr
Packaging & Shipping
Packaging Information:Container or nude
Lead Time :

Amount(Sets) 1 – one >1
Est. Time(times) ten To be negotiated


Solution Description



• Nodular iron energy body, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads

• Double-row-spherical roller bearnings have eccentric

• Double prolonged Jackshaft carried on large-responsibility straight roller bearings

• Dual roller bearing connecting rod

• Warmth-treated alloy steel principal gears are bolted to the eccentric

• Replaceable bronze crosshead slides

• Complete splash lubrication, with oil pump to feed functioning parts

• Heat-taken care of alloy metal, interchangeable fluid cyclinders

• Three-rib API-7 urethane insert valves and seats

• Replaceable-sort component oil CZPT and oil force gauge

• Threaded valve handles

• Plated piston rods

• Full piston washing and lubrication system

The monoblock forging of hollow sphere for the pulsation damperer is very first produced in China

Rated Horsepower:

275 HP

Rated Pump Pace:

175 SPM

Stroke Size


Optimum Liner Dimension:


Rod Load :

22,030 lbs

Gear Ratio


Approximate Fat:

9,800 lbs

PZ collection Mud Pump incorporate: PZ-7,PZ-8,PZ-9,PZ-ten,PZ-11
PZ series Mud Pump is a horizontal triplex solitary acting piston pump, the style and manufacture according to API Regular, it has adhering to attributes:
Pump case are welded castings steel and steel plates.
Crankshaft bearings are double-row spherical roller bearings.
Double prolonged Jackshaft carried on hefty-obligation straight roller bearings.
Connecting rod idea are fitted with roller bearings.
Wrist pin conclude carried on double row prolonged cylindrical roller bearing.
Replaceable bronze crosshead slides.
Main gears are machined to herringbone gear.
Lubrication method is the combination of pressured lubrication and splash lubrication.
Valves are API 7# valves seats.
Discharge connections can be manufactured on either facet of pump.
Suction connections at the center of the cylinder manifold


PZ-7 Mud Pump
Liner Dia. Displacements Max. Force
inch mm gal/r L/r gal/min L/s lb/in2 Mpa
7 178 3.5 thirteen.25 507 1,919 1,673 118
six.5 one hundred sixty five three.02 11.43 437 1,654 one,940 136
six.25 152 two.78 10.fifty five 404 1.530 two.a hundred 148
six 152 2.fifty seven 9.seventy three 373 1,412 two,277 160
five.five one hundred forty two.sixteen eight.eighteen 313 1,185 2,710 191
five 127 1.78 six.74 259 980 three,279 231
four.five 114 one.45 five.49 210 795 4,048 285
four 102 one.14 4.32 166 628 five,000 352
PZ-8 Mud Pump
Liner Dia. Displacements Max. Pressure
inch mm gal/r L/r gal/min L/s lb/in2 Mpa
seven 178 4.00 fifteen.fourteen 580 two,196 1,996 140
six.five a hundred sixty five 3.forty five thirteen.06 500 1,893 two,315 163
six.twenty five 159 three.19 twelve.08 462 1,749 two,504 176
six 152 two.ninety four 11.thirteen 426 one,613 2,717 191
five.5 one hundred forty two.forty seven 9.35 358 one,355 three,233 227
five 127 two.04 7.72 296 one,one hundred twenty three,912 285
four.5 114 1.65 six.25 240 908 4,830 340
4 102 1.31 four.ninety six 189 715 5,000 352
PZ-9 Mud Pump
Liner Dia. Displacements Max. Force
inch mm gal/r L/r gal/min L/s lb/in2 Mpa
7 178 4.50 seventeen.03 525 36.9 2,639 18.2
six.five one hundred sixty five 3.88 14.69 504 31.eight three,060
6.25 159 3.fifty nine 13.59 466 29.four 3,310 22.8
6 152 3.30 twelve.49 430 3,592 24.8
5.5 one hundred forty 2.seventy eight ten.52 361 22.8 four,274 29.5
five 127 2.29 8.sixty seven 298 eighteen.8 5,000 34.five
four.five 114 1.86 seven.04 242 fifteen.three five,000 34.five
four 102 one.forty seven 5.fifty six 191 5,000 34.5
PZ-ten Mud Pump
Liner Dia. Displacements Max. Force
inch mm gal/r L/r gal/min L/s lb/in2 Mpa
seven 178 5 eighteen.93 575 two,177 three,624 355
six.5 165 four.31 16.32 496 one,878 4,203 295
six 152 3.sixty seven thirteen.89 422 one,597 four,933 347
5.five one hundred forty 3.09 355 1,344 5,000 352
PZ-eleven Mud Pump
Liner Dia. Displacements Max. Pressure
inch mm gal/r L/r gal/min L/s lb/intwo Mpa
7 178 five.5 twenty.eighty two 632 two,392 3,905 275
6.five a hundred sixty five 4.seventy four seventeen.94 545 two,063 4,529 318
6 152 4.04 15.29 465 1,760 5,000 352
5.5 140 3.40 12.87 390 one,476 5,000 352


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Business Information
UPET OILFIELD EQUIPMENTS CO.,LTD is 1 of the most well-acknowledged suppliers for the oilfield equipments in China, was set up in 2000, and now has grown up to a star company which is not huge but quite strong in this area with our persistant hard work action by action in the previous many years.Our goods refer to the total regions of oilfields, from a very small spare component to a extremely massive complete rig method. Our principal items are: pump spare components, mud pumps&packages, DC/AC Motors, strong management equipments, electricity units, truck-mounted rigs, workover rigs, land rigs, drilling pipes and drilling instruments and so forth. All of our goods are produced according to the API Common, and we are approved to use API monogram.
Our merchandise have been exported to 15 countries& areas around the world, eighty% of our exsisting clients have accomplished the enterprise with us by more than 5 occasions, no a single-off consumer. We will carry on to grow our selection, and get more customers’ believe in with our better and much better efficiency.
We welcome the CZPT cooperation relationship with the companions from any places in the globe, each buyer is our god and helper. Warmly welcome you to appear to China and visit us!
With us, you will help save cash, time, trouble, and most important point is that you can snooze better.


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China high quality Gardner Denver Tge/Tee Triplex Well Service Pump Lee-165/Tee-165/Tee165     with Great quality