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Solution Description

Item Description

API C collection beam-pumping device
adopts crank stability.  It is the most common and most extensively employed floor electrical power gear in rod pumping operate. Our merchandise accords with API Spec 11E Specifications for Pumping Units and Chinese petroleum industry normal GB/T29571-2012 and other connected requirements.
Efficiency and benefits
Modularization and digital manufacturing technological innovation have been adopted in the procedure of planning. Products construction has been optimized, and the areas are of substantial standardization, universalization and serialization.
Finite-component analysis has been adopted to the crucial construction to comprehend secure overall performance and high dependability.
The reducer adopts symmetrical involute gear transmission or double circular arc herringbone equipment transmission, with excellent sealing, reduced sounds, clean operating and trustworthy durability.
 The device has the qualities of straightforward procedure, simple maintenance and long services lifestyle.

Solution Specification

Product Rated Polished Rod Ability
Rated Torque of reducer
C-912D-470-240 47,000 240,211,181 912,000
C-912D-427-216 forty two,seven hundred 216,185,155 912,000
C-912D-427-192 forty two,seven hundred 192,one hundred sixty five,138 912,000
C-912D-305-192 30,five hundred 192,165,138 912,000
C-912D-365-168 36,five hundred 168,one hundred forty four,120 912,000
C-912D-305-168 thirty,five hundred 168,144,a hundred and twenty 912,000
C-912D-427-one hundred forty four forty two,700 a hundred and forty four,a hundred and twenty,100 912,000
C-640D-305-192 thirty,500 192,one hundred sixty five,138 640,000
C-640D-305-168 30,500 168,one hundred forty four,121 640,000
C-640D-365-one hundred forty four 36,500 a hundred and forty four,a hundred and twenty,a hundred 640,000
C-640D-305-144 thirty,five hundred 144,120,one hundred 640,000
C-640D-256-144 25,600 144,a hundred and twenty,a hundred 640,000
C-640D-305-one hundred twenty thirty,500 a hundred and twenty,102,eighty five 640,000
C-456D-305-168 thirty,five hundred 168,one hundred forty four,121 fifty seven,000
C-456D-305-one hundred forty four thirty,500 144,120,100 40,000
C-456D-256-144 twenty five,600 144,one hundred twenty,a hundred 57,000
C-456D-365-120 36,500 120,102,eighty five forty,000
C-456D-305-one hundred twenty 30,500 one hundred twenty,102,85 twenty five,000
C-456D-256-120 25,600 120,102,85 25,000
C-320D-256-one hundred forty four twenty five,600 a hundred and forty four,120,100 320,000
C-320D-256-a hundred and twenty 25,600 120,100,85 320,000
C-320D-213-120 21,three hundred 120,a hundred,85 320,000
C-320D-305-one hundred 30,500 one hundred,85,70 320,000
C-320D-256-one hundred 25,600 a hundred,eighty five,70 320,000
C-320D-213-86 21,three hundred 86,seventy four,sixty two 320,000
C-228D-213-a hundred and twenty 21,300 one hundred twenty,a hundred,85 228,000
C-228D-173-a hundred 17,three hundred one hundred,86,seventy two 228,000
C-228D-246-86 24,600 86,74,61 228,000
C-228D-213-86 21,three hundred 86,seventy four,sixty one 228,000
C-228D-two hundred-seventy four twenty,000 74,sixty four,54 228,000
C-228D-173-74 17,three hundred 74,64,fifty four 228,000
C-160D-173-86 seventeen,three hundred 86,74,sixty two a hundred and sixty,000
C-160D-two hundred-74 20,000 74,64,fifty four a hundred and sixty,000
C-160D-173-74 17,300 seventy four,64,fifty four one hundred sixty,000
C-160D-143-seventy four fourteen,300 seventy four,sixty four,54 160,000
C-160D-173-sixty four 17,three hundred sixty four,54,forty four 160,000
C-114D-119-86 eleven,900 86,seventy two,fifty nine 114,000
C-114D-143-74 fourteen,300 74,sixty two,51 114,000
C-114D-173-64 seventeen,300 sixty four,fifty four,44 114,000
C-114D-143-64 14,300 64,fifty two,40 114,000
C-114D-133-fifty four 13,300 fifty four,forty five,36 114,000
C-80D-119-sixty four eleven,900 sixty four,53,forty two 80,000
C-80D-133-fifty four thirteen,300 fifty four,forty five,36 80,000
C-80D-119-54 eleven,900 fifty four,45,36 80,000
C-80D-133-48 13,three hundred forty eight,forty,32 80,000
C-80D-109-forty eight 10,900 48,37,twenty five 80,000
C-57D-seventy six-fifty four 7,600 54,41,28 57,000
C-57D-109-forty eight ten,900 forty eight,37,25 57,000
C-57D-95-forty eight nine,five hundred 48,37,twenty five 57,000
C-57D-89-42 eight,900 42,33,23 fifty seven,000
C-57D-seventy six-42 seven,600 42,33,23 fifty seven,000
C-40D-seventy six-forty eight seven,600 48,37,twenty five 40,000
C-40D-89-forty two eight,900 42,33,23 forty,000
C-40D-seventy six-42 seven,600 forty two,33,23 forty,000
C-40D-89-36 8,900 36,28,twenty forty,000
C-25D-sixty seven-36 6,seven-hundred 36,28,twenty 25,000
C-25D-fifty six-36 five,600 36,28,twenty twenty five,000
C-25D-fifty three-30 5,300 30,20 twenty five,000

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Q1: What is actually your packing?
A:  Normal packing.

Q2: What’s your shipping and delivery?
A:  Usually, about thirty-forty five times.

Q3:  What are the shipping methods?
A: Ocean shipment to the port near from you Air shipment to the shipment near from your company Door to door service by  international express.

This autumn:  What about the payment options?
 A: In basic, we accept T/T. 

Q5:  When can I get the price?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price,please call us or tell us in  your  email so that we will detail with your inquiry priority. 


Racks, when employed with spur gears, change rotational movement to linear motion. EP Gear’s racks are designed to work with our stock fourteen 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. Typically, racks are modified to fit distinct applications. This may possibly contain drilling and tapping mounting holes, cutting to a particular length, or matching the ends of two racks to create a more time constant length than stock.
EP’s racks convert rotational motion to linear movement when utilised with spur gears. It is created to operate with our stock fourteen 1/2° and 20° PA spur gears. It can be modified for distinct programs, these kinds of as drilling and tapping mounting holes, cutting to certain lengths, or matching the finishes of two-piece racks to produce constant lengths more time than stock.

China Custom Universal Beam Pumping Unit with Reliable Durability     wholesaler