China Custom Egypt Best Seller Three-Roll Calender/ Four Roll Calending Machine with Hard Tooth Reducer with Good quality

Item Description

Egypt greatest seller a few-roll calender / A few roll calending device

1-  Name: Rubber calender, a few-roll rubber calender,two roll rubber calender,4 roll rubber calender.


two- Function: Make rubber sheet which need higest thickness top quality.


three- Features:



     A –    The rolls are made of chilled solid iron with vanadium and titanium alloys. The roll face is tough and anti-wear. To heat up or cool down, the rolls are possibly circumferentially drilled or centrally bored so as to make temperature well proportioned on the roll area.



     B-   The rolls are organized in I, and L varieties. The higher rolls have roll cambers that can eradicate bending influence on rolls during operating method. Therefore, it is achievable to make products with same thickness together axial direction



      C- The transmission technique adopts a tough facing gear reducer, which has a compacted structure with larger transmission performance, decrease sounds and more time support lifestyle.



      D- The machine is outfitted with unexpected emergency gadget. When an emergent accident happens, the calendar will be instantly stopped to open the roll space so as to safeguard the operator and products.



4-Certification:   CE,SGS,ISO9001


five-Principal parameters:



Model & Parameter XY3I 630 XY-3I 1120 XY3I 1400 XY3I 1500 XY3I 1730 XY3I2130
XY3L 631  
Roll dia mm 230 400        
Roll working size mm 630 1400        
Roll ratio   1:1:1 1:1:1 1:1:1 one:1:one 1:1:1 1:1:1
  1:1.38:1.38 .73:1:1 one:1.38:1.38    
1:1.forty two:one one:1.38:1   1:1.38:one one:1.5:one  
Middle -roll liner pace r/min .8-eight three-21.06 3-26.39 two.62-26.two five.5-54 8-fifty
Modifying nip selection mm -7 -10 -10 -6 -20 -twenty
Min.Calendering product  mm 0.two 0.2 0.two 0.2 0.fifteen 0.15
Motor Electricity kw one hundred-five hundred 500- 1200 1400 1400 1900
Overall Dimensions mm 3168 5550 6500 7420 7571 7650
mm 890 1640 1500 2200 3950 4560
mm 1830 2120 2440 2900 3730 4080
About fat t two.six eleven 22 26 52 67


one.There are several speeds and pace ratios obtainable, which can fulfill most customers’ method and processing demands.

two.The speed reducer is the hard-tooth surface equipment reducer of course 6 precision, which has prolonged provider lifestyle and minimal sound.

three.The seal composition with special design and style can get rid of the leaking phenomen on of lubricating oil.

four.The roll is produced of chilled forged iron alloy(LTG-H), geared up with CZPT joint. Its floor end is more than Ra0.8. bored and drilled rolls are optional.

5.Friction equipment with single output axle adopts herringbone gear, CZPT stably.

six.Total range of bending deflections is opional which includes center peak, inflection and axis crossing.

seven.Driving construction with one output axis takes the spot of huge and little driving gears.

Cooling device:

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There are numerous varieties of gears, and the most widespread classification approach is by equipment shaft. Generally, there are a few types of the parallel axis, cross-axis, and staggered axis. 1) Parallel shaft gears: which includes spur gears, helical gears, inside gears, racks, and helical racks, etc. 2) Cross shaft gears: straight bevel gears, spiral bevel gears, zero-diploma bevel gears, and many others. 3) Staggered shaft gears: There are staggered shaft helical gears, worm gears, hypoid gears, and so on.
The objective behind the rack is to change rotational movement into linear movement, the rack runs via a pinion (a cylindrical gear that meshes with the rack), so this set up is often referred to as a rack and pinion. When operating gears and racks, equipment oil is also highly advised to improve functionality and longevity. We also stock a wide variety of metric spur gears and supply nearly every single energy transmission product on the market

China Custom Egypt Best Seller Three-Roll Calender/ Four Roll Calending Machine with Hard Tooth Reducer     with Good quality