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one Framework Features
one.1 Power Conclude Characteristics

a) The Frame The frame is made of welded steel plate and pressure relief handled to receive the good rigidity and large energy. The spot the place the crankshaft bearing is equipped is strengthened by utilizing ribbed plates. The body is furnished with the required oil basin and oil way program for 

cooling and lubricating objective.
b) The Pinion Shaft The pinion shaft is made of solid alloy steel on which a herringbone equipment with the medium-challenging tooth surface area is machined. For easy maintenance, the one row radial long cylindrical roller bearing with interior ring(with no sides) is used. The both finishes of the pinion shaft increase out, so that the sheave or the sprocket can be mounted on either stop.
c) The Crankshaft The crankshaft is produced of solid alloy metal and furnished with herringbone gear, connecting rod and bearing. The tooth kind of the huge-geared ring is herringbone equipment. The equipment bore and the crankshaft surfaces are interference equipped and they are the two mounted with bolts and lock nuts. The huge conclude of the connecting rod is mounted on 3 eccentric straps of the crankshaft by way of single row short cylindrical roller bearings and the modest stop on the crosshead pin via double row extended cylindrical roller bearing. Double row radial spherical roller bearings are mounted at both finishes of the crankshaft.
d) The Crosshead And Crosshead Xihu (West Lake) Dis. The crosshead and crosshead guidebook are created of homebred meehanite cast iron featured by great abrasion resistance and prolonged provider daily life. Higher and reduced guides are used for mud pump, so that the concentricity can be modified by including shims beneath the lower manual. The connection amongst the crosshead and the extension rod is produced by employing bolted flange. The rigid connection makes certain the concentricity of the crosshead and the extension rod. The CZPT is utilised for connecting the extension rod to the piston rod. The mild-weight CZPT allows the extension rod and the piston rod to connect to each and every other very easily and reliably.
e) The Extension Rod Packing The extension rod packing is duplex seal construction to offer the excellent seal consequence.
f) The Power End The electrical power stop utilizes the mixed lubricating system of compelled lubrication and splash lubrication.
1.2 Fluid End Functions
a) Cylinders Cylinders are created of cast alloy steel, 3 cylinders of each pump are interchangeable. Valve-over-valve (by means of variety cylinder) design and style lowers the cylinder quantity and encourages the volumetric effectiveness. At consumers ask for, the cylinder floor may possibly be nickel plated to boost the abrasion resistance.
b) Discharge pulsation dampener, shear reduction valve and discharge strainer are furnished at the outlet. F-1300 and F-1600 pump suction inlet is furnished with Φ305 flange.
c) Valve Assembly The suction valve and the discharge valve for F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps are interchangeable. 
F-1300 and F-1600 mud pump makes use of API 7#valve pots.
d) Liners Bi-steel liners are employed. The sleeve is produced of use-resistant cast iron, the surface area hardness is HRC60~sixty five. For that reason, liners attribute use resistance, corrosion resistance and high surface finish. Liners are put in from the liner chamber in the front of the frame and mounted with liner thread ring , liner lock ,bolt and use plate when putting in.
e) Pistons And Piston Rods They are slide equipped, sealed with rubber seal ring and lastly mounted with lock nuts to stop the piston from looseness and to play a role in sealing. Cylinders, liners, pistons, valves, valve seats, valve springs, seal rings, valve pot addresses, thread rings and cylinder heads at the fluid conclude of F-1300 and F-1600 mud pumps are all interchangeable.
f) Spraying Technique The spraying system is made up largely of spray pump, CZPT drinking water box, and spray pipe, the purpose is to awesome and rinse liners and pistons to encourage their provider life. The centrifugal spray pump can be driven by a sheave mounted on the input shaft extension stop or a separate motor and cooled and lubricated by h2o. The resilient fastened spray pipe is utilized. The spray pipe is mounted on the liner conclude protect and the body. Nozzle is encounter to the piston stop so that the lubricatingcooling fluid can rinse the make contact with surface amongst the piston and liner all the time.
g) Lubricating Method The electrical power end makes use of the merged lubricating program of Charles Rig Materials, Inc. pressured lubrication and splash lubrication. The strain oil is conveyed via lubricating pipeline, crosshead, extension rod, crosshead guide and all bearings by a gear oil pump within the oil box to realize the compelled lubrication. The functioning problem of the gear oil pump may be understood from the stress gauge powering the body.
h) Charging Method To avoid the air lock taking place for lower pump inlet strain, each and every mud pump ought to be furnished with a complete charging technique. It is composed of charging pump,pump base, butterfly valve and corresponding manifold. Mounted on the suction manifold of the mud pump, the charging pump is driven by the special purpose motor or the input shaft of the mud pump by way of V-belts to decrease the power consumption.

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Hebel Xihu (West Lake) Dis.fa Petroleum Machinery Co. LTD was set up in 2006,with 5000m2 plant.The business focuses on R&D of mud pump fittings and a number of R&D final results ended up horned with awards as properly as patented for invention. The company is engaged in product design and style, manufacturing and provider on all the high quality oilfield substitution elements, including mud pump fluid end elements such as Fluid conclude modules, liners, pistons, valves,&seats, extension rods, piston rods, valve handles and so forth. 
The organization retains a professional technical staff and is geared up with sophisticated machineries,bettering the technological expertise and updating product high quality,
Our products are certified by ISO9001 top quality handle. We provide goods not only our oilfields firm of domestic, but also dozens of international locations all over the entire world, such as Usa, Canada, Indonesia and Iran. With numerous years’ persistence, we are widely recognized as a professional supplier of large quality mud pump cylinder liners and other parts in fluid conclude modules

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China best Connecting Rod Fpr Mud Pump Parts     near me supplier